Annual Livestock Show
1/6/2017 2:30:27 PM
The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center hosted its 74th Annual State Livestock and Poultry Show March 2 - 4, 2017 at the Maurice A. Edmond Livestock Arena, Hwy. 61 North, in Baton Rouge, LA.

The Livestock Show Office usually accepts pre-orders for non-processed choice meats from various livestock. All proceeds from meat sales go directly to participating youth as a reward for their hard work and financial investment. The following meat choices and quantities are now available for pre-order:

·         Whole beef $2,000
·         Half beef $1,000
·         Fourth beef $500
·         Whole pork $225
·         Whole lamb $200
·         Whole goat is $175

Those who don’t pre-order their meat are invited to do so during the show’s ‘Junior Auction Sale’ on Saturday, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The office will deliver the meat to two locations, either the Cutrer Slaughter House in Kentwood (985) 229-2478 or Rouchers in Plaquemine (225) 687-4258.   

There is a processing fee that is not included in the original cost of the meat. All purchases must be paid by money order or check and made payable to the Southern University Ag Center Livestock Show, prior to picking up the meat from the slaughter house.

Donations to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank are also welcome.

For more information on the SU Ag Center’s Livestock Show, how to participate in the show or how to purchase meat; visit or contact the Livestock Show Office at 225.771.5270 or 225.771.6208.
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