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A. For group registration, complete questions 1-4 and 7-8.
B. For parental/guardian or school official registration, complete questions 1-8
C. Submit Registration Form by September 22, 2017
D. Please Print or type all required information below.

1. Mode of Transportation
2. Number of Juniors Attending
3. Number of Seniors Attending
4. Name of Group (if applicable)
5. Name of Chaperone
6. Name of Student
7. High School Junior/Senior    High School Junior
   High School Senior
8. GPA

Indicate Department Areas and Concentrations of Interest for Individuals and Groups (Check all that apply).

Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Business
Agricultural Economics
Animal Science
Plant and Soil Sciences
Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Family & Consumer Sciences
Apparel Merchandising
Child Development
Human Nutrition & Food

Urban Forest & Natural Resources
Urban Forest Science
Urban Forest Management
GIS Applications in Natural Resources

Name of Parent or Guardian
Home Address
Home Phone Number
Parent/Guardian Work Phone Number
Parent/Guardian Email
Student Phone Number
Name and Parish of High School
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