Youth Development

The objective of the Southern University Ag Center's youth development unit is to holistically improve the educational, economic, and social conditions of youth in underserved areas of Louisiana.  This objective will be accomplished strategically, based on the needs of the youth in our targeted, service areas.  Based on current trends and issues facing Louisiana’s youth, year one will focus on three areas, which include:

  • Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Intervention;
  • Bullying;
  • Therapeutic Alternatives for Children of Incarcerated Parents; and
  • Racial Profiling Among Young Black Males*

The focus areas within the Youth Development unit are subject to change, based on current trends and policies, which may directly impact the intended outcomes of Louisiana’s youth. 


  • Provide assistance to youth through a strong volunteer base, which will provide adequate mentorships for youth to support youth development programming efforts;
  • Students will have access to mentoring resources based on their individual needs.
  • Students will participate in qualifying aspects of BAYOU’s in-school and summer initiativ
  • Identify and develop problem-centered programs, or programs that matter to the youth and address their specific needs and concerns;
  • Introduce and engage youth in 4-H, school-based programming that will:
  • increase academic achievements;
  • increase interest in STEM;
  • increase interest in vocational or institutions of higher learning, specifically Ag-related disciplines;
  • increase community service activities;
  • Increase engagement in phases of BAYOU, by preparing school-aged youth for academic excellence that will increase their knowledge base and encourage enrollment in post high school educational opportunities
  • Increase soft skills that lead to internship opportunities and/or gainful employment


In the wake of this national crisis, it is important that we stay engaged and active. I realize that “time off” may seem like a break but, having a lot of free time and utilizing that time effectively is very important. So, as a family, take this time to reflect and reengage with your kids! The following 4-H Healthy Living Activity Guide provides fun, interactive activities for all ages! So, let’s restore HOPE (Healthy Options that Promote Excellence) in the midst of chaos! Please post photos of your activities and tag the SU Ag Center.  - Tiffany Franklin, Ph.D., SU Ag Center 4-H Youth Development Program Leader


KickinNutrition.TV is an innovative, digital 4-H program designed to educate, entertain, and empower children to make healthier food and lifestyle choices. The program also features engaging videos and interactive learning tools designed for urban, inner-city youth and their families. KickinNutrition.TV utilizes comedy, music, and engaging research-based, peer-to-peer nutrition instruction, and cooking demonstrations.

Lesson 1 Materials:

Lesson 1 Video:

Lesson 1: Ruthless Reyna










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