Graphic & Digital Design Services

All flyers, brochures, publications, fact sheets, infographic sheets, agendas, invitations, folders, forms, banners, yard signs, billboards, digital ads, and other advertising designs for the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center and the College of Agricultural, Human and Environmental Sciences must be designed or approved by SU Ag Center’s Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement before releasing for advertisement on social media platforms and print material.

If there are special elements requested to be used in the design (such as logos, photos, or any artwork or graphics), please provide those items along with any other ideas. In order to deliver the best possible quality, please provide clean, readable graphics and original photos whenever feasible. The Creative Specialist/Graphic & Digital Designer can build on these ideas or come up with a whole new concept.

Graphic & Photo Submission

When submitting images or photographs to the Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement for publication, all images must be sent at the highest quality resolution.

• Print Material: 300-600 dpi

• Web & Social Media: 72-150 dpi

• Largest possible file sizes produce best results.

• Photos not meeting content/technical guidelines will not be used.

Disclaimer and Logo Usage

The SU Ag Center’s disclaimer (along with official logos) must be placed on advertising, editorial, web, and other print material:

“Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center and the College of Agricultural, Human and Environmental Sciences is an entity of the Southern University System, Orlando F. McMeans, Chancellor-Dean, Dennis J. Shields, System President, Myron K. Lawson, Chairman, Board of Supervisors. It is issued in furtherance of the Cooperative Extension Work Act of December 1971, in cooperation with the U. S. Department of Agriculture. All educational programs conducted by the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center and the College of Agricultural, Human and Environmental Sciences are provided to people of all ages regardless of race, national origin, or disability.”

(This disclaimer changes over time and will have to be updated periodically.)

How to Submit a Request for Design Services

To submit a request for design services, either email or visit to submit your request through the web portal. If submitting through email, use the name of the request as the subject and include your request’s details in the email’s body.

  1. All major artwork must be approved and cleared through the appropriate Vice-Chancellor and then through the Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement.
  2. All major publications created by the Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement will be assigned an official job number.
  3. Please submit your HelpDesk ticket for design services two weeks prior to the date of the event. This will give enough time for designing, proofing, editing, and advertising on the web and social media platforms before the event takes place.
  4. All designs will receive at least three guaranteed revisions. Sending multiple revisions after the third update, may result in the artwork being delayed or placed after other tickets. Please locate all revisions and combine them in the three guaranteed proofs. Not adhering to rules may force the consequnece of having to submit a new ticket for that particular job.

Whether recruiting students, providing information about programs or services, recognizing high achievers and program supporters, or simply inviting participants to share in a center-related event, the communications team will help you find the best ways to present your educational program for ultimate impact. The goal is to produce publications and media promotions that are of the highest quality and remain consistent with the branding standards of the SU Ag Center and the College of Ag.

Print Production Procedures

Based on the initial planning meeting, the Creative Specialist/Graphic & Digital Designer, will start by generating printer

specifications, which involves identifying the quantity needed, the dimensions or size of the piece, selection of paper and ink colors, the number of pages (if it is in booklet form), and determining what additional services will be required from the vendor. Once this information is compiled, a quote will be obtained for the cost of production. This is standard procedure when making any purchase.

Once the client has received the quote(s), it is then the client’s responsibility to prepare a requisition for obtaining the purchase order. Jobs will not be released to the vendor without the proper paper work and final approval by the requested client.

During the design and production phases, artwork can take anywhere from two-four weeks to produce. This time frame includes the editing and concept stages through the actual delivery of the final printed piece. Once the job has been designed and edited, a mockup, or draft will be presented to the client for review. If there are any changes, the client will check and sign in the appropriate place and revisions will be made. The client will be presented with a final draft for approval. If there are no corrections or changes, the client will sign off giving approval to proceed with the print production.

Once the job is submitted to the vendor, the designer will closely monitor the final stages from blue-line proofs, to press checks to the final delivery of the job. A Portable Document Format (PDF) will be generated for archival, email, or web publishing.

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