Video Production Services

The SU Ag Center’s Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement can help:

  1. Edit, write/rewrite copy or video scripts
  2. Provide video or photographs
  3. Make photo suggestions
  4. Design and layout material
  5. Develop public service announcements
  6. Edit video production
  7. Monitor the progression of the project from conception to delivery
  8. Plan and complete promotional campaigns (including newspaper ads, outdoor signs, and billboards, radio and TV spots) for special events, programs, or media interviews.

Each video production project will be assigned an official job number and folder to hold drafts and correspondence pertaining to the project. The job folder has been designed to write or type all pertinent information on the outside along with a place for additional comments to keep track of progress. For video production services, please submit a HelpDesk ticket to or visit

Studio & Equipment Rules:

  1. Studio facilities and production equipment are available Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM-5:00PM.
  2. All equipment and studio facilities must be reserved at least two weeks in advance by completing a reservation form and obtaining approval from the Facilities Coordinator and the Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement.
  3. Requests for production time will be made using the reservation form provided by the Facility Coordinator and/or OTCA. Production time is logged into the master schedule and is subject to the and regulations developed by the SU Ag Center.
  4. Video production personnel for the SU Ag Center must be present at the beginning and end of studio session. Those persons requesting the studio facility, must be finished by the designated time or opt to re-schedule the facilities for a later date. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

***Only people directly involved in the studio production are allowed in the facility at any time; visits or tours by non-employees or those not involved with the production must be scheduled in advance at the discretion of the facility coordinator. NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED in the PRODUCTION STUDIO or the CONTROL ROOM except for bottled water. No Exceptions!***

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