SUAREC Logo Standards

Why is a Logo Important for Branding Purposes?

A logo is a graphic element that represents the brand, while a brand is a combination of all tangible and intangible aspects that represent the organization. The logo will most likely appear on the institution’s website, social media, mobile apps, advertisements, commercials, billboards, brochures, stationery, packaging, apparel, facilities, and so on. But without the brand, the logo would not have a real meaning… it would just be a graphical element. So, why is a logo so important? It is important because:

  • It’s part of the brand identity.
  • It creates consistency over different communication channels. It fosters a professional image and raises expectations.
  • It will distinguish your brand from the competition.
  • It can facilitate an emotional connection with your stakeholders and boost brand loyalty.

Logo Policy

There will be a uniform and consistent presentation of the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center’s (Southern University Ag Center) print and electronic publications, materials, and products for distribution both on and off campus. All materials and products prepared by the Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement or faculty and staff of Southern University Ag Center, will display the logo and identifier in accordance with the following procedures.

Usage & Procedures

The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center’s Office of Communications, Technology and Advancement is responsible for assisting faculty and staff in using the Center’s logos. The logo files can be requested via phone or through HelpDesk and will soon be available on our Resource Portal. Do not alter the logo type or rearrange any of the elements. Be sure that the logo is always crisply reproduced from authorized proofs provided. 

  1. The logo must include all elements, the border, trademark symbol, text and logo type.
  2. Keep the logo proportionate when re-sizing it to fit your needs, keep its horizontal and vertical proportions intact. Do not distort it. If so, it’s not the official logo.

Any questions concerning usage should be directed to the Creative Specialist/Graphic & Digital Designer or by emailing at

Tag Name

We are the Southern University Ag Center, while our official name is the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center and we operate through the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and Southern University and A&M College System. We intend to project a single, unified image and identity. That means identifying our people and our programs as being from the Southern University Ag Center in all public references. Write Ag Center separately as two words:

Correct way:     SU Ag Center       

Incorrect way:  SU AgCenter

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